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I love aerial yoga for its healing benefits and playfulness. I believe that going upside down is a great way to decompresses the spine, stretch the entire body, release endorphins and stay young. With the support of aerial hammock anyone can do an inversion in their first class.


My mission with Bamboo Yoga is to bring the aerial practice into nature and introduce it to as many people as possible. Join me on one of our retreats and learn how to fly!


Immerse yourself in yoga, enjoy nourishing food, the sun, massages and meet great people. We welcome all levels, beginners especially!

Hong Kong

Bamboo Yoga Retreat

16-18 August

20-22 September
11-13 October

led by Aleksandra Milewicz  @aleksflows

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Tulum, Mexico

Bamboo Yoga Retreat

20-22 November 2020

led by Aleksandra Milewicz  @aleksflows

Phuket, Thailand

Bamboo Yoga Retreat

27-29 November 2020

led by Aleksandra Milewicz  @aleksflows

Bali, Indonesia

Bamboo Yoga Retreat

22-26 October 2020

led by Aleksandra Milewicz  @aleksflows

Bamboo Yoga is a unique concept of aerial yoga practiced on a bamboo tripod. Started in Hong Kong, Bamboo Yoga has its home on one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong - Sai Wan beach. 



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